All electrical installations deteriorate with age and use.


They should therefore be inspected and tested at regular intervals to check whether they are in a satisfactory condition for continued use.

Such a safety check is commonly referred to as ‘periodic test & inspection’ or PIR. The test is always accompanied by a report called ‘An Electrical Installation Condition Report’

We at A.Gordon Electrical Services are licensed and insured to carry out such inspections on your behalf.

We are annually audited by the NICEIC to ensure that our methods and practices continue to comply with current Electrical Wiring Regulations.

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What is a Periodic Inspection?

A ‘periodic test and inspection’ is an assessment of your existing electrical system to ascertain how safe it is for continued use.

The test can be thought of as an M.O.T. of your electrical system.

This test can be performed on all or just part of your electrical installation.

What can such a test reveal?

An ‘inspection and test’ will:

Ascertain the condition of your cables and their ability to safely distribute electricity throughout your property

Asses the suitability of your fusebox.

Examine if the cables installed are of the adequate type and size to support your electrical appliances

Asses the suitability and safety of any previous work carried out to your electrical system

Verify that your system is correctly earthed and bonded

Identify any electric shock risks and fire hazards

How often is a periodic inspection required?

Guidelines suggest that a periodic inspection be performed at intervals no greater than

10 years for an owner occupied home
5 years for a tenanted property
3 years for a static caravan

Other times that a periodic inspection is advisable:

Upon the change of a tenant in a rental property
Prior to the purchase of a previously occupied property

There are specific requirements for landlords as laid out by the HSE.

Upon the completion of an inspection, you will receive ‘An Electrical Installation Condition Report’ .

This detailed 7 page report will highlight any findings that may have been identified during the inspection.

It will also score these findings in terms of their risk level to users of the electrical system.